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We provide TIG Niter 400 (H. F. Unit for TIG Welding), which is a compact, portable TIG control. It comprises complete TIG welding equipment when connected to a standard. Our range is perfect manual welding power source for ferrous (mild steel and stainless steel) and non ferrous (aluminum & its alloys) metals.


* An excellent electronically controlled    equipment, which eliminate the use of    costly & bulky D.C. suppresser unit
* Incorporated with a solenoid valve to    economize the costlier argon gas
* Built in feature of variable post flow, of gas which enhances, the quality of welding & life    of tungsten electrode
* Built in feature of fixed. Pre flow scavenge the air in torch to prevent the electrode    oxidization at the start of weld
* Electronically balancing the A.C. wave form helps in total removal of oxide films during    welding of aluminum & its alloys
* Superior arc striking through a discharge of 10K.V. high frequency, voltage pulse
* Auto H.F. Cut off in D.C. mode

Technical Specification:

tig niter 400